Thursday, February 11, 2016


 Happy Thursday everyone!
Yeah, I know at this point, jeans are not very flattering especially to your growing baby bump.
Can you find my waldo? Naaahh I'm just kidding.
I'm on 18 weeks and I might say that I feel fatter than ever.
I have huge hunger every time and that won't stop me from eating.
Here are some pregnancy updates I want to share with you:
I have found out last week that I'll be having a baby girl. (Hooorrraaay!)
I gained almost 4 kg in the last few months (*sad face*) and I hope I can keep a good weight until I deliver.
She is now the same size with dragon fruit and weight 200 g.
I can feel a little bit kick on daytime but quite active during night especially when I am laying down in bed.
I have a great sense of smell and quite unpleasant with noisy surroundings.
I am getting vivid dreams as well that according to my husband, I am sleep talking at night. (well, creepy!)
I am undergoing physiotherapy at the moment since I am having some pain in my right thighs which is not bearable especially at night.
I'm feeling much energy right now though I have the urge to pee every time especially at night.
I'm limiting my liquid intake at night that gives me a relief to not visit it more often.
I feel that time is so slow right now and I just can't wait to see my little bundle of joy.
I know every change that's happening in my life is worth it.
I'm so excited to see her again next week via Anomaly scan.
Overall, I might say that I'm happy on what I am going through right now and it's an amazing experience!
Thanks for reading.
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