Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ash Winter

Happy Tuesday!
I just can't believe that in one week time, March is coming!
Hoorraay for a great February!
My month went well and I feel better than ever since I start my pregnancy.
I am maybe one of the lucky ones who don't feel pregnant at all and seems like nothing change except a growing baby bump.
Yesterday, I visit a doctor for ultrasound to run a fetal anomaly scan.
The procedure is similar to what I am doing with my own doctor.
It includes lying on bed, putting cold colorless cream on my tummy and run the scan.
Today, I'll be getting the result and I just can't wait for it and praying that everything is just fine with my little baby girl.
I'm still not on the hype of buying maternity clothes since some of my clothes still fit me well except the jeans.
So what I'm usually wearing right now are dresses, skirts and leggings which I find it comfy.
Still nobody in my work notice that I am pregnant and no one dare to ask me until now.
Anyway, today's outfit inspiration is a monochrome winter look.
I'm obsessing with turtlenecks right now and glad I found this on Splash.
Splash is Middle East's largest fashion retailer.
I love this store because they offer affordable items and wide variety of style.
How do you find my outfit?
Let me know.
Thank you for reading.
SPLASH top | COTTON ON skirt | ICONIC bag | ALDO boots | ASOS beanie



  1. Great outfit dear!!!
    Love this skirt and that bag...wow!!


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